Morning coffee
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Morning coffee and Whiskey Wednesday

Morning Coffee and Wednesday Whisky are a series of videos and live streams started in March 2020 just as the U.K. went into lock down. Original songs, covers and idle chit chat or, ‘positive waffle’ the videos have created a wonderful community of caffeine addicts and weekday drinkers!



In July 2020 Sarah and I headed into the studio to record a, ‘best of’ Morning Coffee/Wednesday Whisky of sorts. We looked to capture studio versions of the originals and covers which had gone down the best over the past 4 months. We then collected the songs into two collections, one to start your day and another to end it!
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To celebrate spending 50 episodes of Morning Coffee and Wednesday Whisky together, and our bizarre journey through lock down, we're launching this very special t-shirt designed by Ben Phillips!

Morning Coffee drawing on the front and Wednesday Whisky on the back, this t-shirt comes in white or dark blue. Don't forget to grab the mug too, just need shot glasses now haha!
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